10th Standard English Ballad of the Tempest Poem Notes Pdf

10th Standard English Ballad of the Tempest Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Mcq Extract Question Pdf Download in Kannada Medium 2024 Kseeb Solution For Class 10 English 6th Poem Notes Ballad of the Tempest Questions and Answers

10th Class Ballad of The Tempest Poem in English

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Poem Name : Ballad of the Tempest

I. Multiple Choice questions

1. ‘Not a soul would dare to sleep’ The figure of speech used here is

a. metaphor

b. personification

c. simile

d. synecdoche

2. A shelter for ships is known as

a. cabin

b. mast

c. harbor

d. anchor

3. ‘There we kissed the little maiden’ The sailors did this because

a. she was a pretty little girl

b. they wanted to say good bye

c. she was the captain’s daughter

d. she filled their hearts with hope.

4. The captain’s daughter had faith that

a. winter should soon end

b. god would protect them

c. her father could save the ship

d. she could stop the storm

5. While the hungry sea was roaring. The figure of speech employed here is

a. simile

b. metaphor

c. personification

d. Synecdoche

6. And the breakers talked with death. The figure of speech here is

a. Metaphor

b. synecdoche

c. simile

d. personification

II. Answer the following questions in a word/phrase

1. Why could not the sailors sleep?

Ans: Because the sailors were afraid that the storm would destroy the ship.

2. Who were crowded in the cabin?

Ans.: The sailors were crowded in the cabin

3. What is a fearful thing according to the poet James T. Fields?

Ans: According to the poet, it is a fearful thing to be hit by a violent storm at sea in winter.

4. Why was the little maiden kissed?

Ans: Because the little girl brought back hope to the sailors by saying that God would protect them.

III. 10th english ballad of the tempest notes Pdf

1. Usually storms are formed in the deep sea. What precaution have the sailors got to take before

Ans: Before setting out on a voyage, sailors have to make sure that the ship is strong enough to
withstand any storm at sea. They have to be well stocked with food and water. They need life saving
jackets and be sturdy swimmers.

2. When the captain shouted. ‘We are lost’. How did his daughter react?

Ans: His daughter held his hand and gently asked if God protected us on land would he not protect
us when they are on the ocean.

3. The speaker and his crew-mates sat in darkness and prayed. What did they hear?

Ans.: They heard the storm raging at sea, then the sailors sat in the darkness and prayed; The captain
staggered down the stairs and shouted ‘we are lost’.

4. The crew mates kissed the maiden and spoke in better cheers. What made them feel cheerful?

Ans.: The little girl asked her father if God protected them on land. Would he not protect them on
the sea. Her faith in God brought hope to the sailors and they kissed her in joy.

5. ‘A ship is always safe at the shore, but it was not built for that’ what does this mean?

Ans:A ship is built to take people and goods across the seas. If it just stays on the shore it will no
doubt be unharmed, but would be of no use to anyone.

6. ‘Tis a fearful thing in winter. What is referred to as a fearful thing in winter?

Ans.: To be caught in a fierce storm at sea in winter is the fearful thing.

7. What would be the condition in the deep sea during winter on the sea?

Ans.: The winds would be icy cold and the water too would be freezing.

8. The poet uses the phrase ‘the hungry sea’. What can the reader imagine from this?

Ans.: The poet personifies the sea hungry because when the storm is very severe, the huge waves
will drown the ship and sailors as if the sea is very hungry.

IV. Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

1. ‘We were crowded in the cabin, Not a soul would dare to sleep’

a. Who does the word ‘we’ refer to here?

Ans: ‘We’ refer to the sailors.

b. Not a soul would dare to sleep-why was it so?

Ans: Because the sailors were afraid that the storm would destroy the ship and their lives.

2. ‘T is a fearful thing in winter’ To be shattered by the blast”

a. What is to as a ‘fearful thing’?

Ans.: To be caught in a fierce storm at sea in winter is the fearful thing.

b. How did it affect the sailors?

Ans. : The sailors lay awake saying a silent prayer in the dark.

3. “We are lost!” the captain shouted

a. Why did the captain say this?

Ans: The storm was very fierce and the captain feared that the ship would be torn apart any moment.

b. How did his daughter react to the situation?

Ans : His daughter remained calm. Holding her father’s hand she asked if God could protect them on
land would he not protect them on sea.

4. “Then we kissed the little maiden And we spoke in better cheer”

a. Who was the little maiden?

Ans: The little maiden was the captain’s daughter.

b. Why did they kiss her?

Ans.: The little girl brought back hope to the sailors by saying that God would protect them. So, they kissed her.

5. “Isn’t God upon the ocean, Just the same as on the land?”

a. When did the speaker say these words?

Ans.: When the captain feared the ship was caught in the storm, he shouted we are lost!’ then the
captain’s daughter said these words.

b. What does these words show the attitude of the speaker?

Ans.: Faith in God.

V. Answer the following in 8-10 sentences:

ballad of the tempest summary in english

1. Summary: OR Write in your own words the substance of the poem ‘Ballad of the Tempest’

Ans: “The Ballad of the Tempest” poem is written by James T Fields. In this poem, it was dark,
stormy night in winter a ship was out at sea. Huge waves dashed against the ship and the roar of the
sea filled the sailors with fear. They crowded together in one cabin. Even the bravest among them
could not sleep. They just sat in the darkness and prayed. As the storm continued, the captain too
gave up hope and said that nothing could save them. At that point, the captain’s little daughter held
his hand and quietly asked if God protected them on sea. Her faith in God filled the sailors with a
new hope. By morning, the storm cleared and they reached harbor safely.


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