Colours of Silence Lesson Notes

10th Class English Colours of Silence Lesson Notes Question Answer Extract Mcq Summery Pdf, Class 10 English Chapter 8 Notes Question Answer, Kseeb Solution For Class 10 English 8 Lesson Notes 2024

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Lesson Name : Colours of Silence

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Satish did not want to go to a new school because………….

a. he loved his old school

b. the new school was far off

c. the children would make fun of his deafness

d. his friend Surender would not be there

2. Surender had to repeat the question three times to Satish because ………….

a. Satish was not interested in what Surender was telling

b. Satish could not hear properly

c. Satish could not understand what Surender was telling

d. Surender was speaking in a low voice

3. Satish’s father argued with the head master, but in vain. The underlined phrase implies

a. the headmaster could not hear him

b. the headmaster was not ready to agree

c.the headmaster was on the phone

d. the father’s voice was too soft.

4. Satish Gujral is a famous………….

a. artist b. politician c. social worker d. doctor

5. “It was as if a whole world opened for Satish” This happened when he………..

a. opened his window b. started reading books c. fall from the bridge d. went to a new school

6. Satish avoided going out to play because…………..

a. children in the neighborhood teased and taunted him b. he was very weak to play
c. he did not have anyone to play with d. doctor had advised him not to go out

7. The bird’s eyes kept moving here and there. Its body was ready for flight. This shows that the

a. was afraid of falling

b. was full of energy

c. liked Satish d. wanted to be painted

8. Satish’s father felt that artists……………

a. do not make much money

b. cannot read and write

c.are lazy and waste time

d. make too much money

9. After the unsuccessful expedition to the schools, Satish became very moody. The word
‘expedition’ in the above sentence means………….

a. journey

b. visit

c. mountaineering

d. painting

10. Satish expressed his gratitude to his father by…………

a. telling ‘thank you’

b. hugging him tightly

c. giving him a gift

d. shaking hands with him

Colours of Silence question answer Pdf

1. Why was Satish confined to bed? What was the worst thing for him? Why was it so?

Ans: After the accident, Satish’s legs became very weak, requiring several operations. He frequently
suffered from bouts of fever and infections of the ear. So he was confined to bed. He was becoming
deaf and he could not bear the silence.

2. How did Satish meet with an accident?

Ans: On a holiday in Kashmir, Satish went hiking with his father and brother while crossing rickety
bridge over some rapids, his foot slipped and he fell into the rapids.

3. Satish didn’t want to go to a new school. What was the reason?

Ans: Satish didn’t want to go to a new school where he couldn’t talk to the other children, where
everyone would make fun of his deafness.

4. What did Satish see at the far corner of the garden? Why did it attract him?

Ans: Satish saw a bird at the far comer of the garden. Its restless energy attracted him.

5. What effect did the books he read have on Satish?

Ans: The books that Satish read were meant for adults. That made him feels depressed and left a
deep impression upon his sensitive mind. His own world is comfortable in comparison to the world

6. Describe the bird in the garden, which attracted Satish?

Ans: The bird had a long tail and black crest. It was restless and full of energy. Its eyes moved here
and there and its whole body seemed ever ready to fly.

7. How did the beautiful bird inspire Satish?

Ans: Satish stared at the bird for a long time. After it flew away he took out his note book and pencil
and made a sketch of the bird. He soon began to spend a lot of time making different sketches

8. Why was Satish’s father against drawing?

Ans: Satish’s father felt that artists do not make much money. He wanted a bright future for his son.
He thought that it is possible only by studying hard. He thought drawing as waste of time.

9. Satish’s parents were both his well-wishers. But each cared for him in a different way. How?

Ans: Satish’s father was optimistic and hoped that Satish’s hearing would come back. Instead of
wasting time on drawing, he wanted Satish to study. Satish’s mother did not have the hope that he
would recover. She was happy that her son had found good pass time in drawing and she did not
want to stop him.

10. Satish’s father accepted that his son’s destiny lay in canvas and paint. What did he promise to
do? How did Satish express his gratitude?

Ans: Satish’s father promised to find out the best school of arts so that Satish could make his life
inthe field of his choice. Satish’s eyes filled with tears and he hugged his father tightly.

11. Why was the school Satish going kept him out of the school?

Ans: Due his frequent absence and his hearing problem, the school he was attending till then, kept
him out of the school. They forced Avtar Narain to look for a new school.

12. Why didn’t Satish want to go to a new school?

Ans: Satish didn’t want to go to a new school because he couldn’t talk to the other children, where
everyone would make fun of his deafness.

13. What made Avtar Narain angry?

Ans: Avtar Narain had to look for different schools for his son Satish. But every school didn’t want
him to educate as he was not able to hear. They treated his son as dumb and asked Avtar Narain to
look for other school. So he was angry.

14. Why did Satish’s father make expeditions to school? Was he successful? If not Why?

Ans: Satish was frequently absent from and he had hearing problem. So every school did not want
him to admit. So Avtar Narain had to make expeditions to schools. But he was not successful.
Because every school did the same thing for the same reason.

15. How did Satish’s brother Inder try to help him?

Ans: Satish’s brother Inder sat for hours with him and talked to hear him, teaching him words and
pronunciation. He and his father spent time with him every day, talking to him trying to teach him

16. What did satish see at the far corner of the garden? why did it attract him?

Ans: Satish at the far corner of the garden saw a bird with a long tail and a black crest. Satish was
attracted by its restless energy .Its eyes kept darting, its whole body was ready for flight any

17. How do you say that Satish’s parents had difference of opinion about making his life?

And: Satish’s father always wanted him to study well and earn knowledge and become successful in
life. But Satish was inclined towards painting .He opposed his son for that. But his mother felt
drawing as a means of entertainment for her son.

18. Which action of Satish changed his father’s attitude?

Ans: Satish was busy mixing the colours on his palette. Though he saw his father standing at the
staring his painting, he continued with his mixing. This action of Satish changed his father’s attitude.

19. What was Satish unable to believe? Why?

Ans: One day Satish’s father sat beside him and put his hand on Satish’s shoulder. Then Satish was
unable to believe his father who was not angry with his painting.

20. How did Satish express his gratitude to his father?

Ans: Satish’s eyes were filled with tears .he hugged his father tightly, his heart was full of love for
his stem father who had atlast accepted that his destiny was in canvas and paint.

21. Name the three fields in which Satish Gujral has made his name?

Ans: Satish came to be popularly known as Satish Gujral. He is the famous artist from India. He is an
accomplished artist with several forms of art like painting, sculpture and architecture. He is also a

Answer in 6-8 lines:

1. “Satish Gujral became a great artist”, support this statement mentioning a few of his
achievements. OR “Physical disability is no barrier to success to Satish”. Justify.

Ans: Satish met with an accident at the early age of eight so he lost his hearing power. Due to
frequent absence and hearing problem, the school he was attending informed his father that they
could keep Satish. Other school also refused admission. His father and his brother spent much time
with him and provided many books. He developed his interest in painting. In the beginning his father
discouraged him but later he accepted that his son’s destiny lay in canvas and painting. He admitted
his son to the best school of art and made his ‘life in the chosen field. Satish Gujral is among the
foremost artists of India and accomplished in several art forms like painting, sculpture and

2. Narrate the circumstances of Satish’s staying at home. OR
Everything seemed like scenes from some pantomime show to Satish? Why?

Ans: One holiday Satish was hiking with his father and brother. They were crossing a rickety bridge
over some rapids. Satish looked down at swirling water below him. His foot slipped. He lost his
balance and fell in the rapids. As a result of this his legs and ear were injured. His legs became weak.
He suffered frequently from bouts of fever and infectious. He could never here properly. The teacher
did not allow him to come to school because he was weak in hearing and frequently absented for the
class. His father tried to get admission to him in some other school but in vain. When he went
outside to play with children they teased him. Therefore he was compelled to stay at home

3. Describe the incident that changed the lonely and despairful life of Satish?

Ans: One day he was looking gloomy in to the far corner of the garden, he saw a bird that was unlike
any he had ever seen before it had a longish tail and black crest. But most interesting thing of a bird
was its restless energy. For a long moment he stared at the bird. When it flew away he jumped down
from his bed and took out his notebook and pencil he sketched the bird from his memory with a few
deft strokes. He liked the picture and set against the stack of books on his bedside table. His father
did not like panting initially but later supported well.


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