10th Standard English Narayanpur Incident Lesson Notes

10th Standard English Narayanpur Incident Lesson Notes Question Answer Summery Mcq, Kseeb Solutions For Class 10 English Narayanpur Incident Notes Pdf narayanpur incident question answer pdf Karnataka State Syllabus

Sslc Narayanpur Incident English Notes

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Lesson Name : Narayanpur Incident

10th English Narayanpur Incident Question Answer 2024

1. Why were the students marching in the street? Why was it termed uncommon?

Ans: The students were marching to give a notice to the collector, for the British to quit India. It was
uncommon because they walked silently without shouting slogans or behaving in a violent manner.
Even though there were policemen, they marched as if the policemen didn’t exist.

2. Can you guess what the police officer had been talking to the student leaders?

Ans: The students met the D.S.P. and one of them handed him a piece of paper. The Police Officer
didn’t even glance at it. This shows that he might have advised them to go back. He might have told
them to stop their agitation.

3. Babu and Manju were a bit disappointed with the way students were marching. What was the

Ans: The students marched back to their homes silently and Manju and Babu thought that the
students were scared of the police. According to them, the students should have protested. Hence,
they were disappointed.

4. What had the police expected about the way of protest? How did the student leaders manage
the protest?

Ans: The police expected the students to stout slogans and cause violence. This would make the
police to arrest them, beat them up and imprison them. But the students leaders did not want to be
arrested then, as they had a lot more to do. Therefore, they marched back silently.

5. What was there in the ‘mysterious parcel’? What suspicion did the police have about that?

Ans: The ‘mysterious parcel’ contained a ‘cyclostyle machine’. The police suspected that Mohan and
his family were making copies of Mahatma’s speech. They also suspected that some people were
hiding these.

6. Why had Patil, the sub – inspector come to Mohan’s house? Who believed him? What was the

Ans: Patil the sub-inspector came to Mohan’s house to give a warning about the raid of his wife. As
he was a close friend of Mohan’s father, he asked Mohan to give him the cyclostyle machine and all
proof pertaining to the agitation against the British. Mohan’s mother believed him and allowed him
to take away all these things.

7. How do you know that Mohan’s mother was supportive of their struggle?

Ans: When Suman and their friend brought the cyclostyle machine, she asked them to keep it in the
Puja room. When the sub Inspector came in initially, she acted as if everything was normal and
nothing revolutionary took place at their home.

8. What do you think is the writer of the incident trying to impress upon the readers?

Ans: People wanted to fight against the British and get freedom. Some Indians were working for the
British but they were waiting for them to quit India. These people helped the freedom fighters
secretly. The sub-Inspector Patil also indirectly helped Mohan’s family


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