10th Class Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning Poem Notes Pdf

10th Class English Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf, 10th English 8th Poem Notes Pdf, Kseeb Solution For Class 10 8th Poem Notes 10th English 8th Poem Notes off to outer space tomorrow morning summary pdf Class 10

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Poem : Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning

Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning Poem Summary

This poem is written by Norman Nicholson. In this poem the poet described the
situation and emotions that one who feel before his adventures i.e. space travelling. Everything was
ready for space voyage. If we had last look at him, after the countdown, he request his friends to
strike his name from telephone book. There won’t be any difference of day and night in space. So
Calendars and clocks are useless there. There will not be any change of seasons. The poet would
sleep when he feel sleepy. The poet won’t be writing any letter. There is non to visit in space. It will
be like an imprisonment for him. In space there is no gravitational pull. Tea cups will circle round
him like planets around the sun. The people on earth can watch him through telescope or cameras

Multiple Choice questions:

1. With what feelings is the speaker flying out of earth?

a. despair

b. Lack of Confidence

c. fear of failure

d. doubt about his return

2. The expression “winter under lock” means, that in space

a. there is no change of seasons

b. seasons change frequently

c. capsules are locked in winter

d. there is no hear

3. You can start the countdown; you can take last look; suggests…………

a. the end of the launching of the rocket

b. the re-entering of the rocket to the earth

c. the beginning of the launching of the rocket

d. failure of the launching of the rocket

4. You can cross out my name from the telephone book – the poet says this because ……….

a. he will not be coming back from space

b. he is a failure in space

c. he is lost in space

d. he cannot have any contact with others

off to outer space tomorrow morning questions and answers

1. As the astronaut is flying out of the earth he has doubts about his return. How does he convey

Ans: He says that people of the earth could start the count down and take a last look at him. They
could cross out his name from their telephone book. This shows there their doubt about returning.

2. The poet says “calendar and clocks” are useless in space. give reason.

Ans: In space, there would be no day and night and there would be no seasons. So there would be no
need for any calendar or clock.

3. The speaker has the feeling that he is imprisoned. Why did poet feel like this?

Ans: The poet would be alone in his capsule. Nobody would visit him or talk with him. He would not
write or receive any letter. So he was in like solitary confinement

4. The speaker says, ‘Tea cups circling around me like planet around the sun’. Why does it
happen only in space and not on the earth?

Ans: On the earth there is a force of gravity, so things don’t fly. In space there is no force of gravity,
so things are circling around.

5. How would people on the earth watch astronaut? Would it affect him in any way?

Ans: People on the earth watch the astronaut on television or track him through their telescope. But
the astronaut would not care any of this .he would be in his own world in space.

6. Give some instances of daily routine mentioned in the poem?

Ans: Daily routine mentioned in the poem are writing mail, posting mail, people visiting others,
milkman knocking door in the morning. In the space the speaker cant do all in the space as he is
alone in space.

7. “The poet is off to outer space tomorrow morning.” What does he ask the readers to do?

Ans: The poet asks readers to look at space shuttle last time and cross out his name form the
telephone dairy. As he is undoubted about his return.


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