10th Class English On Top of the World Lesson Notes

10th Class English On Top of the World Lesson Notes Question Answer Summery Extract, Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 2 Question Answer, Kseeb Solution For Class 10 English On Top of the World Notes Summary 10th english on top of the world notes pdf 2024

10th English On the Top of the World Notes Pdf

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Lesson Name : On Top of the World

On Top of the World Question and Answer Class 10

1. What were the hardships faced by Dicky Dolma before she was ready for mountaineering?
What was its impact on her?

Ans: Dicky Dolma lost her mother when she was just 11. She also lost her brother. These
experiences had a profound impact on her life.

2. What was Dicky Dolma fascinated by since her childhood? Why?

Ans: Dicky Dolma fascinated by the grandeur of the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas since her
childhood. Her native place Palchan was surrounded by mountain peaks. And she was also interested
in skiing.

3. How did Dicky Dolma prepare herself for her venture?

Ans: Dicky Dolma prepared herself for the venture of scaling The Mt. Everest by joining the
newlyopened mountaineering institute in Manali. She took up the basic training at the institute and
worked with dedication and determination. She got ‘A’ grades and was selected by the All India
expedition to Mount Everest.

4. What was the dream of Dicky Dolma? When did her dream come true? What was her

Ans: The dream of Dicky Dolma was to scale the snow-covered Himalayas. Her dream came true
when her name was cleared by An all-India expedition to Mount Everest. She climbed the Mt.
Everest on 10h May, 1993 and became the youngest woman in the world to have the achievement of
scaling the world’s highest peak.

5. How did Dicky Dolma feel when she climbed the Mt. Everest?

Ans: Dicky Dolma could not describe the sight of Mt. Everest. She had never ‘imagined the beauty
of Mt. Everest. She felt that all the state awards and national awards are nothing when compared to
the experiences of seeing the sight of Mt. Everest.

6. What makes you think that Dicky Dolma’s life as a girl was sorrowful?

Ans: Dicky Dolma lost her mother when she was 11; she lost her elder brother too.

7. What factors encouraged Dolma to take up basic mountaineering course?

Ans.: Dolma came to know that a mountaineering institute was set up at Manali and it would give
training to those who were interested in climbing mountains. Her friends and her family members
also encouraged her to join this course. the Himalayas. Her home, in Palchan was surrounded by
beautiful mountain

8. Dolma says, “It is not a difficult decision for me to take up the challenge of the lofty
mountains” Why does she say so?

Ans: From her childhood, Dolma had been fascinated by the grandeur of the snow clad peaks of the
Himalayas. Her home, in Palchan was surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks.

9. How has Dolma described her preparedness for the task of scaling Mount Everest?

Ans: Dolma got training in the mountaineering institute at Manali. Her determination and hard work
helped her to secure ‘A’ grades. She believed that success always follow dedication, determination
and hard work. She used to practice lour hours every day before the task of scaling Mount Everest

10. What was the biggest headache that Dolma had to face besides her physical and mental

Ans: Dolma’s father was bedridden. She was not financially sound and she needed a lot of money for
her father’s treatment, so the family had very little to offer her.

11. What does Dolma say about mountaineering after she returns from Mount Everest?

Ans: “Mountaineering” is a tough sport. This thought never comes to me. It is my zeal for the work.
Seeing peaks is a second nature to me. I have never been scared when it comes to hard work”, says

12. What does Dolma say about the view from the top of Mount Everest?

Ans: Dolma said that an Everest can feel and understand but cannot be described in words. It was
much breath taking that she could ever be imagined. The awards that she had bestowed stand very
low before the view from the above.

13. What can we learn from Dolma’s life?

Ans: whenever hurdles come, we must face them boldly. Dolma’s determination and hard work,
Zeal for the work” is emulating.

14. How could Dicky Dolma achieve the great feat even with her hardships?

Ans: Dicky Dolma never felt mountaineering a tough sport. She had zeal for work. She was
determined and sincere in bearing the responsibilities. She knew that success follows the hard work
and dedication from her earlier hardships of life.

15. How did Dicky Dolma came over her problems?

Ans: When she was getting ready for Mountaineering of Mt. Everest, her father was bedridden and a
lot of money was needed for his treatment. So the family had very little to offer her. But her
determination never allowed her to leave the sport.

16. Mention the hobbies of Dicky Dolma.

Ans: Besides mountaineering Dicky Dolma love to listen to music, especially old Hindi film songs.
She is teaching mountaineering at the Mountaineering Institute at Man.


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