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POEMQuality of ercy Poem
CLASS10th Standard

quality of mercy poem question and answer

I. Multiple choice questions

1. The poet says that the quality of mercy is twice blessed because

a . it is sent from heaven

b . it is the mightiest

c . it is an earthly power

d . it blesses both the giver and the taker

2. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven . Here droppeth from heaven means

a . given to heaven

b . as far as heaven

c . as pure as given from God

d . very impure

3. His scepter shows …………… Here ‘ Scepter ‘ can be identified with

a . a poor man

b . a teacher

c . a king

d . a minister

4. A decorated road carried by a king as a symbol of power is called a

a . throne

b . crown

c . robe

d . scepter

5. According to the speaker , in kings . mercy is seated in the

a . heart

b . head

c . shoulders

d . mouth

II . Answer in a word / a phrase / a sentence each :

1. Mercy is compared to something in the first two lines of the poem . What is it ?

Ans : It is compared to the gentle rain from heaven .

2. The speaker says that mercy is twice blessed ? What does she mean by this ?

Ans : Mercy blesses the giver and the taker too .

3.” Sceptre shows the force of temporal power ” In contrast , what or whose quality does mercy stand for?

Ans : Mercy is divine and flows from the heart

4. Mention the three things of temporal power of a king .

Ans : Throne , Crown and Sceptre .

5. When does earthly power show divine power ?

Ans : When kings adopt mercy with justice .

III . Answer the following in 2 or 3 sentences each :

1. Mercy is compared to gentle rain from heaven . How is this comparison apt ?

Ans : As the gentle rain falls on the earth , so also when mercy is shown it blesses the giver and the taker and given comfort .

2. The speaker compares the power of the king with the power of mercy , saying that mercy is the mightiest of the mightiest . How does she justify this ?

Ans : The king who has sceptre in his hand evokes a feeling of fear in the minds of others but the king who has a feeling of mercy in his heart possesses divine quality of mercy .

3. The poem ‘ Quality of Mercy ‘ has fourteen lines . But it is not a sonnet . Justify the statement .

Ans : This poem consists of fourteen lines but it is not a sonnet as there is no rhyme , scheme in the poem. In other words there aren’t three quatrains and a couple .

IV . Read the following extracts and answer the questions given below :

1. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath . It is twice blest ”

a . What is compared to the gentle rain from heaven ?

Ans : Mercy

b . Why does the speaker feel it is twice blest ?

Ans .: According to the speaker , the person who shows mercy and the person who receives mercy is also blest

2. His scepter shows the force of temporal power , the attribute to awe and majesty .

a . How does the scepter show temporal power ?

Ans .: The scepter creates fear among people .

b . In contrast , what quality does mercy stand for ?

Ans .: Mercy stands for divine quality and it flows from the heart .

3. ‘ It’s mightiest in the mightiest

a . Who is mighty ?

Ans : Mercy

b . How is it mighty ? earth .

Ans : Quality of Mercy is more powerful than all the symbols of power on

4. ” It is an attribute to God himself ” .

a . What is this attribute ?

Ans : Quality of Mercy

b . Why is it a quality of God ?

Ans : God is all merciful and anyone on earth who preaches it is like God .

5. It blesseth him that gives , and him that takes

a . How does it bless the one who gives ?

Ans : The giver gets the blessing as he has helped the other person .

b . How does it bless the one who takes ?

Ans .: The taker is blest because he is forgiven

6. Mercy is above the Sceptred sway .

a . What is a Sceptre ?

b . How is mercy above the Sceptred sway ?

Ans : Mercy is a divine quality or Godly power whereas Sceptre is an earthly temporal power .

V. Answer in about eight sentences :

1. How does the speaker in the court try to convince Shylock that mercy is twice blessed and is a divine quality ? OR What does Portia tell Shylock about the quality of Mercy ?

Ans .: Portia , one of the main characters in the play ‘ The Merchant of Venice ‘ , argues why mercy is the greatest virtue of all . Portia compares mercy to the gentle rain that falls from heaven to the ground . Mercy blesses both the giver and the receiver . It is the most powerful of all virtues and enhances the glory of a king more than his crown . The sceptre of a monarch is a symbol of worldly power . It Ans : It is a decorated rod carried by monarchs . controls people through fear . The power of the sceptre mercy is divine and has its seat in the heart . The power of a man who shows mercy along with justice would be God – like in nature .

10th standard quality of mercy summary :

This poem is written by William Shakespeare . In this poem he Quality of mercy is not forced . It drops down from heaven as a gentle rain upon the earth . It’s doubly blessed . It blesses both the giver and the receiver . It’s most powerful when granted by those who hold power over others . It’s more important to a monarch than his crown . His sceptre shows the level of his temporal power – the symbol of awe and majesty in which lies the source of the dread and fear that kings command . But mercy is above that sceptered power . It’s enthroned in the hearts of kings . It is an attribute of God himself . And earthly power most closely resembles God’s power when justice is guided by mercy .


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