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10th Standard English Science and Hope of Survival Lesson Notes Question Answer Summary Extract Question Mcq Pdf,10th English Chapter 9 Notes Kseeb Solution For Class 10 English Chapter 9 Notes science and hope of survival notes Pdf Download Karnataka 2024

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Lesson Name : Science and Hope of Survival

Multiple Choice questions:

1. According to Keilis-Borok The following cannot enjoy a higher income_

A. doctors

B. businessmen

C. lawyer’s

D. scientists

2. “A writer is not a writer merely a person who writes: a writer is a person who cannot live without
writing.”-this is a saying by

A. Keilis-Borok

b.Rabindranath Tagore

C. Leo Tolstoy

D. A scientist

3. Science is an exciting adventure where major reward comes from_

A. society

B. scientists

C. discovery itself

D. every one

4. By science a Scientist cannot get

A. camaraderie

B. independence

C. money

D. freedom

5. The scientist Keilis-Borok worked on

A. cold war

B. nuclear weapons

C. seismic waves

D. biotechnology

6. The scientist Keilis-Borok was summoned by

A. the President of Russian Academy of Sciences

B. the palace of Nations in Geneva

C. the President of America

D. the President of United Kingdom.

7. In 1960, every man and child on the earth lived under the threat of annihilation by

A. cold war

B. bombs

C. great countries

D. nuclear weapon

8. The technical experts were summoned to the Palace of Nations in Geneva to solve the problem of

A. nuclear weapon test ban

B. nuclear test

C. power politics

D .annihilation

9. People trained in theoretical physics are head hunted by_

A. scientific institutions

B. financial institutions

C. mathematical institutions

D. educational institutions

10. Those who trained in biological research become founders and directors in

A. electronics industry

B. Pharmaceutical industry

C. large scale industry

D. bio industry

11. According to Keilis-Borok The indispensable guardian and care taker of humanity, is

A. nuclear energy technology

C. science

D. industrial growt

12. if you are so clever, why are you so poor? -The professional addressed as ‘you’ in the
Statement refers more than others to a

A. lawyer

B. scientist

C. doctor

D. businessman

13. The writer says, “l found myself in Geneva.” It expresses ,more than anything else, the writer’s

A. pleasure

B. surprise

C. anxiety

D. annoyance

14. “Immersion in science does not go with common sense,” suggests absentmindedness of scientists
a. Which of the following qualities help the scientists to come up with a solution the problem.

A. self-assessment

B. self-praise

C. popularity

D. self-discipline

Answer the following questions:

1. “According to the author why do some people choose to become scientists though they may not
earn much money?

Ans: According to the author, some people choose to be scientists because they cannot live without
science. Their discovery brings the reward. Instead of money, they enjoy freedom, discovering the
mysteries of nature and teamwork.

2. Why did the super powers meet in Geneva?

Ans: The three super powers wanted to come to an agreement – ban on the nuclear weapon test.
They met in Geneva to discuss the problems that could arise as a result.

3. “Technical experts were summoned to solve the problem that arose” What was the problem?

Ans: The nuclear powers wanted to sign an agreement to stop the test of nuclear weapons. There was
a possibility that, one of them could secretly conduct a test. Detecting the violation was the problem.

4. How can you prove that scientists are the most practical people in the world?

Ans: It is through the work of the scientists that we have medicines, electronics, new sources of
energy, modes of transport and the green revolution. This proves that scientists are the most practical

5. What did Borok learn at the Geneva Summit?

Ans: He leant that there were people all over the world, who thought and acted the way he did. So he
never felt lonely abroad. He also realized that while there was science there was hope for the survival
of mankind.

6. According to the authors why do some people choose to become Scientists?

Ans: Some people choose to be scientists because they cannot live without science. Discovery is
their reward. They enjoy teamwork, independence and the joy of uncovering one of the mysteries of

7. Why did the super powers meet in Geneva?

Ans: The three super powers wanted to come to an agreement, to put a ban on the nuclear weapon
test. They also wanted to discuss the problems that could arise as a result.

8. How could the Kelis Borok help to solve the problem?

Ans: The scientist was doing research on the theory of seismic waves. It turned out that the problem
had a direct connection with the theory of seismic waves.

9. What was the common thread that bound scientists from the opposite sides of the Iron

Ans: The scientists are able to work out a common language, based on respect to hard evidence,
indisputable ranking by expertise only and persistent self-criticism.

10. How does basic science help one’s career?

Ans: The knowledge of basic science give us new sources of energy, mineral deposits, efficient
defense from terrorism, cure from cancer and new forms of transportation.


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