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10th Class English The Concert Lesson Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf in Kannada Medium, 10th English 5th Lesson Notes Kseeb Solution For Class 10 5th Chapter Notes the concert lesson 10th class question answer

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Lesson Name : The Concert Lesson Notes

the concert lesson questions and answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Smitha is ……………..years old.

a. 12

b. 16

c. 10

d. 14

2. The maestro who was playing at Shanmukhananda Auditorium was……………

a. A.R. Rahaman

b. Bismilla Khan

c. Pandit Jasraj

d. Pandit Ravi Shankar

3. ‘It’s the chance of a life time’, said Ananth. What was the chance of a lifetime?

a. play sitar

b. play with his sister

c. attend Pandit Ravishankar’s concert

d. go to cancer hospital

4. Smitha and Ananth’s home town is …………..

a. Bombay

b. Gangapur

c. Lucknow

d. Delhi

5. Ananth was suffering from…………..

a. hypertension

b. tuberculosis

c. hepatitis – B

d. cancer

6. Smitha’s family moved to Bombay…………….

a. so that Ananth could learn Sitar

b. so that Ananth could learn tennis

c. so that Ananth could be treated at the Cancer hospital

d. so that Ananth could attend concerts.

7. In Bombay Ananth and his family stayed…………….

a. with Aunt Sushila

b. in an independent apartment

c. in a hostel

d. in a hotel

8. “They did not voice their fears”. Who does the word ‘they’ stand for?

a. doctors

b. friends

c. family members

d. neighbors

9. The great wizard of music, who played Tabla with Pandit Ravi Shankar, was………..

a. Ustad Allah Rakha

b. Zakir Hussain

c. Amjad Alik Khan

d. A.R. Rehman

10. “Suddenly a daring thought came to her” What was the daring thought?

a. ask music maestros to play for her brother in her house

b. to take Ananth to the music concert

c. to take Ananth to cancer hospital

d. to go to the concert with her father

11. ‘He actually raised himself up without help’ she said with a catch in her throat. The underlined
phrase shows that

a. she had cold and cough

b. someone had caught her by the throat

c. she was filled with grief

d. she had tied something round her throat

12. You know he needs all the sleep and rest he can get Smita’s mother said this because the boy

a. had worked all night

b. had just finished his examination

c. had come back from a long trip

d. was very ill and weak

13. “Take him home. Give him the things he likes” The doctors said this because………

a. Anant had been completely cured

b. they knew he had not many days to live

c. there were too many patients in the hospital

d. Anant gave them too much trouble

14. “They had come with high hopes”. Their hopes were that………….

a. they could get ticket to the concert

b. Pandit Ravi Shankar would come to their house

c. the doctors would be able to cure Anant

d. they could stay with Aunt Sushila

15. ‘You must not bother him with such a request’. The request was……………

a. requesting Ravi Shankar to come to her house and play Sitar for Ananth

b. requesting the doctors to treat Ananth

c. requesting father to take Ananth to the concert

d. requesting aunt Sushila to allow them to stay in her house

16. “We perform for the boy’ who said this?

a. Ustad Allah Rakha

b. Pandit Ravi Shankar

c. Mustachioed man

d. Organizer

Answer in 2-3 sentence each:

1. Why did Smitha get excited after reading the newspaper?

Ans: Smitha got excited after reading the newspaper because it had the news of Pandit Ravi
Shankar’s music concert at the Shanmukhananda Auditorium the next day.

2. Why do you think the mother cautioned the girl?

Ans: Smitha’s brother, Ananth had been struck with cancer. He was very sick was lying on the bed.
So the mother cautioned Smitha not to disturb Ananth.

3. Why did Smitha’s family move to Bombay?

Ans: Smitha’s brother Ananth was suffering from cancer. They moved to Bombay from their native
town Gaganpur, so that he could be treated at the cancer hospital in the city.

4. For a moment, Smitha had forgotten something. What was it?

Ans: For a moment, Smitha had forgotten that Ananth was very ill and not in a position to go to the

5. In what way was the truth frightening to Smitha?

Ans: Though Smitha and her family had pretended Anant would get well, she had known that
Anant was going to die of cancer. This was frightening to Smitha.

6. Do you consider Ananth a talented boy? Justify your answer.

Ans: Yes, Anant was a talented boy. He was the best table – tennis player in the school and the
fastest runner. He was learning to play the Sitar and was already able to compose his own tunes.

7. They had come with high hopes”, what hopes did Ananth’s parents have?

Ans.: Ananth’s parents had high hopes in the miracles of modem science. They thought that he
would be cured. Then he could talk and run again and hoped that he would become a great
sitarist one day.

8. What did the doctors say to Ananth’s parents? Were they words of hope or words of despair?

Ans: The doctors asked Ananth’s parents to take him home and give him whatever he liked. They
were the words of despair because his parents realized that he had not many days to live.

9. Why were the neighbors surprised?

Ans: The neighbors could not believe their eyes because they saw Pandit Ravi Shankar, the Sitar
maestro and Ustad Allah Rakha, the great tabla maestro arrived to the boy’s house.

10. Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha performed in the boy’s house. How was this
unusual incident?

Ans: Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were world famous musicians. Inspite of their
busy schedule and high profile they visited the boy and performed for him.

11. Why do you think that Smitha’s mother cautioned her not to make noise?

Ans: Smitha on looking up the newspaper almost shouted with excitement. But her brother Anant
was ill and suffering from cancer. She cautioned her not to make noise so that he could rest.

12. What was the chance of a lifetime for Ananth?

Ans: Ananth was a music lover and was also learning to play sitar. Listening to Sitar maestro’s
music and attending his concert was the chance of lifetime for Anant.

13. ‘Suddenly a daring thought came to her’ what was the daring thought?

Ans: Smitha knew that her brother Anant was dying of cancer. She wanted to fulfill his wish. So she
thought of going to the concert and request Pandit Ravi Shankar to perform for her brother.

14. How did Smitha enjoy the concert?

Ans: Smitha was spellbound by the music. As the first notes came over the air, she felt as if the gates of enchantment and wonder were opening. But every beat of Tabla reminded her of Ananth’s voice.

15. Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha performed in the boy’s house’ How was this an
unusual incident?

Ans: Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were world famous musicians. In spite of their
busy schedule and high profile they visited the boy and performed for him.

16. In the course of the story ‘The Concert’, whom do you consider to be more worried, Smitha or

Ans: In the story, Smitha was more worried than others. Though attending the concert was a chance
of lifetime, she could not enjoy it completely because Anant was not with her. She was always
thinking how to fulfill Ananth’s wish.

17. As Smitha sat listening to the music, she was spellbound. But all the while, her mind was
echoing something else, what was that?

Ans: Spellbound, Smitha listened to the unfolding ragas, but all the while her mind was planning to
meet Ravi Shankar personally and share her feelings about her brother’s plight. If possible she would
like to arrange for home concert for her brother. That was the chance of his life.

18. Did Smitha tell what she had in her mind to the musicians? Who responded to her request
immediately? What was the response?

Ans: Yes, Smitha told the story of her brother who lay sick at home, and how he longed to hear
them. Pandit Ravi Shankar responded to her immediately and the concert was arranged at their home
for him.

19. Can you say that the concert was entertaining Smitha. Justify

Ans: No, The concert was not entertaining Smitha. Because she was feeling sorrow at the pathetic
condition of her brother Ananth.

sslc english the concert notes Pdf

1. Why do you think that Smitha and Ravi Shankar deserve the appreciation of readers?

Ans: Smitha could not take Anant with her to the concert because he was suffering from cancer. She
went to the concert with her father and enjoyed Ravshankar’s recital. She also wanted her brother to
listen to Ravi Shankar’s music. So, she approached Ravi Shankar and told all about Anant and
requested him to come to his house and play sitar. No one could imagine that a great musician like
Ravi Shankar would agree to her request. But he along with table maestro Ustad Allah Rakha played
for Anant. Thus Smitha and Ravi Shankar deserve our appreciation

2. ‘Where there is will, there is way’. How is this saying apt for Smitha?

Ans: Smitha and Anant had done things together. Now Anant was ill and could not accompany
Smitha to the music concert. Instead at sitting home and repenting for the loss, she went to the
concert with her father. She also gathered courage to request Panditji to come to her house and play
for Anant. To everyone’s surprise maestros agreed to her request and came to her house and played
for him. It was unbelievable for everyone. Thus we can justify that ‘Where there is will, there is way’
is apt for Smita

3. Smitha was successful in fulfilling her brother Ansnt’s dream. Describe.

Ans: Smita was very concederated to her brother Anath. he was suffering of cancer and he was not
many days to live. he had a great fan of Ravishankar and and dream of attending his concert. Smita
wanted to fulfil the dream so that she attended the concert with her father. In the concert her mind
was thinking only about her brother dream after the concert she went forword to meet Ravishankar
Prasad and told the dream of her brother and requested him to come and play for her brothr.
Ravishankar was very kind hearted. Next day RAvishankar and Alla Rakha went together to Anath;s
home and play for him. Anath felt very happy then he breathed his last. in this way she fulfilled the
dream of her brother Anath.


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