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Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Lesson Name : The Discovery

Multiple Choice questions

1) “The Santa Maria will be lighter for his carcass”. These words were said by

a. Diego

b. Francisco

c. Pedro

d. Guillermo Ires

2) “A Good sailor knows his place”, says Columbus to Diego. This statement is

a. apiece of advice

b. an indirect command

c. an expression of sorrow

d. a cry of horror

3) Columbus feels that his worst enemy is

a. the angry sea

b. his vision

c. his uncontrolled tongue

d. the sailors song

4) What did Pepe eager to say? He was

a. loyal

b. disobedient

c. disloyal

d. unfaithful

5) Who’s to put him in irons? Challenges Guillermo. The person meant by ‘him’ in this context is

a. Guillermo

b. The first man to move towards Columbus

c. Columbus

d. The first man who challenged Columbus

6) Columbus set out from Spain

a. for a long holiday

b. to become a new world

c. to discover a new world

d. to make new friends

7) Columbus said that he had discovered one thing. It was

a. there were no buts to discipline

b. a good sailor knows his place

c. God’s will was his will

d. a man with a vision has to follow it alone.

8) “Your best cannot be bettered”, says Columbus. This implies that

a. No one is perfect at anytime

b. There is always scope for improvement

c. Once we reach the best, we cannot improve

d. Columbus is not totally happy with Francisco

9) ‘I will perform it myself, says Columbus. What does ‘it’ mean here?

a. To navigate the ship forward

b. To out Guillermo Iris in irons.

c. To turn back the helps towards Spain

d. To stop the seamen singing

10) After ‘a perceptible Pause’, who grows mare mutinous than others?

a. Pedro

b. Guillermo

c. Diego

d. Francisco

The Discovery Question and Answer

1. Write about the physical features of Columbus in the play ‘The Discovery’.

Ans: Columbus is a tall, well-built man of forty six. Hair prematurely white, complexion fair, almost
ruddy. A man of quick temper and irritability which he controls only with an effort .His face, in
response, is melancholic.

2. The play begins with a song. What mood does this convey?

Ans: The seamen who had been away from home for a long time had not sighted land. The song
shows that the seamen were desperate.

3. ‘There are limits to patience’, says Diego. What does this suggest about Diego’s state of mind?

Ans: Diego along with the seamen were tired of the voyage and wanted to return home, but
Columbus was firm and would not give up. So Dicgo desperately said these words.

4. Who do you think has the lives of fifty in his hands? How?

Ans: Christopher Columbus had the lives of fifty seamen in his hands. He was their captain. The
seamen were tried and wanted to return home but Columbus was firm and would not give up.

5. What does Columbus feel his worst enemy? Why do you think he feel so?

Ans: Columbus feels that his uncontrolled tongue is his worst enemy. Columbus was a man who lost
his temper soon and was easily irritated. He would often speak rudely to his men which made them
angry towards him.

6. How did Pedro try to defend the drunken seamen? Was he right in defending them?

Ans: Pedro defending that the drunken seamen were simple men and wanted to relax by drinking as
they did not have the same vision as Columbus. Pedro was not right in defending the seamen because
their drinking was leading to unruly behavior

7. ‘Mutiny is an ugly word’, says ‘Diego. Is mutiny an ugly word? If so, why?

Ans: Yes, because mutiny leads to destruction. Mutiny curbs the development of determination,
tolerance and faith in God.

8. Colum bus was always furious when he heard the seamen’s song. Why did it make him angry?

Ans: The song expressed the seamen’s love for drinking which was a sign of their deep discontent.
Columbus was angry because they did not understand what he was trying to achieve

9. Columbus feels that whatever he does, it is God’s will. What will of God does he like to
fulfiI1through this venture?

Ans: Columbus felt that it was the will of God that he should discover a new world which would
bring wealth to his country and help them to bring new souls on the path to God.

10. Columbus says, “Would God implant desire to solve mystery and he doesn’t provide
solutions?” Identify the mood of Columbus in saying this?

Ans: Columbus had been sailing for many days not yet sighted land. His men were turning against
him. But Columbus felt that if God had sent him he would surely help him find a way. These words
show that he had faith in God.

11. Whose company did Pepe prefer? What was the reason for this?

Ans: Pepe preferred to be in the company of Columbus because he had faith in Columbus vision.

12. Pepe warns Columbus about some people. Who are they?

Ans: Pepe warns Columbus about the other sailors because they drank too much and were going
against Columbus.

13. How did the seamen show their anger towards Columbus?

Ans: The seamen rushed in an angry mass towards Columbus growling like wild animals.

14. “Discipline knows no buts” what made Columbus say this?

Ans: Columbus wanted to punish Guillermo Ires, who had disobeyed Columbus. So he ordered that
Guillermo should be brought to him. Francisco tried to protest, against this. Columbus then said
these words.

15. Why did the Crewmates of Columbus feel desperate?

Ans: After sailing for so many days, Columbus and his men could not sight a land. They were tired
and wanted to return to their homes and families. But Columbus would not give up. So they were

16. ‘Devil’s track to nowhere’, says Guillermo. What does this suggest about the thinking of the

Ans: The seamen felt that Columbus was perhaps possessed by the Devil. He was risking their lives
and taking them on a voyage which would take them nowhere.

17. How did Pepe prove his loyalty to Columbus?

Ans: Pepe was the only person who had faith in Columbus and tried to warn him about how
desperate the others had become. When the seamen rushed to kill Columbus, Pepe stood before them
with his arms spread out and told them that they would have to kill him first. His loyalty put the
others to shame.

18. “This is a voyage of discovery”. What had Columbus set out to discover?

Ans: Columbus had set out to discover a new world, where he would find new wealth and a new
territory for his king and queen to rule.

19. According to Columbus, what was the one thing that he had discovered?

Ans: Columbus said that he had discovered one thing – that if a man had a vision, he must follow it
alone. He should not expect loyalty, friendship, discipline or obedience from others.

20. Pepe says, “Everybody doubts except me”. Why do you think he is an exception.

Ans: Because Pepe was loyal to his captain and believed that the captain would reach his destiny
when the other seamen wanted to attack him with anger.

21. Pepe excitedly declares that he is still loyal to the leaders what effect does it have on others like
Juan and Guillermo?

Ans: Pepe was the only one who had the faith that Columbus would discover a new world. But the
other sailors like Juan and Guillermo rebelled against him and even tried to attack him and abused
Pepe when he came forward to save Columbus from being attacked.

Answer the following questions in a paragraph of 8-10 sentences.

1) “Columbus had the will power and had the strength to face obstacles” Justify your answer.

Ans.: Columbus and his crew left Spain to discover the new world. He and his men sailed for a long
time but did not come across the trace of any land. The sailors were fed up. They wanted to go back
to their places. They asked Columbus to turn the ship back to their country. When Columbus asked
then to wait for a few days, the crew became angry. The sailors thought of revolting and even
murdering Columbus. One of the sailors rushed towards Columbus to murder him, Pepe another
sailor interviewed him and saved the life of Columbus. Columbus had a lot of patience and
encouraged his sailors not to become desperate. After a few days Columbus saw a light faintly
flickering rising up and down. The land he discovered was west Indies. The crew jumped with joy.

2) Swami Vivekananda says, “Purity Patience and perseverance are the essentials to success and
above all Love”. Does Columbus posses all these qualities? Justify

Ans.: Columbus wanted to discover a new world which would make his country, king and queen
rich. He had faith in God and there was purity in his intentions. All his men wanted to give up, but he
had patience and he persevered till he reached his goal. He did not lost heart. Columbus had love –
love for his country. Love for God. His good qualities finally lead him to success.

3) How was the excitement of finding a new land expressed by different characters at the end of
the play?

Ans.: Columbus pointed out a light, faintly flickering, which rises up and down. Then Pedro, with a
wild shout said Glory by to God and the sea mean with joy and excitement cried a light, land! Land!
And blessed mother of God.


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